[(Public Relations )] [Author: Edward L. Bernays] [Jul-2013] par Edward L. Bernays

[(Public Relations )] [Author: Edward L. Bernays] [Jul-2013]

Titre de livre: [(Public Relations )] [Author: Edward L. Bernays] [Jul-2013]

Éditeur: University of Oklahoma Press

Auteur: Edward L. Bernays

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Edward L. Bernays avec [(Public Relations )] [Author: Edward L. Bernays] [Jul-2013]

Public Relations This book provides know-why as well know-how. Bernays explains the underlying philosophy of public relations and the PR methods and practices to be applied in specific cases. He presents broad approaches and solutions as they were successfully carried out in his long professional career. Public relations is not publicity, press agentry, promotion, advertising, or a bag of tricks, but a continuing process of social integration. It is a field of adjusting private and public interest.