[(Fundamentals of Dermatology)] [By (author) T. Nasemann ] published on (May, 1983) par T. Nasemann

[(Fundamentals of Dermatology)] [By (author) T. Nasemann ] published on (May, 1983)

Titre de livre: [(Fundamentals of Dermatology)] [By (author) T. Nasemann ] published on (May, 1983)

Éditeur: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.

Auteur: T. Nasemann

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T. Nasemann avec [(Fundamentals of Dermatology)] [By (author) T. Nasemann ] published on (May, 1983)

Why another dermatology text? In 1973, when Drs. Nasemann and Sauerbrey wrote the introduction to the first edition of Haut- krankheiten und venerische Infektionen. they addressed this question. They promised their book would be concise and profusely illustrated to best teach the fundamentals of dermatology. The German text, now in its fourth edition, has been widely successful. In undertaking an American revised translation of their work, it was my hope to meet a need in the English-language literature similar to that met by the German text. I believe that both students and non- dermatologic physicians will find this volume a useful introduction to the art and science of treating skin disorders. The practice of dermatology differs from country to country. This text is therefore not simply a translation, but an adaptation that incorporates much new material. In the pages that follow, I have built on the successful framework of the German text, incorporating its excellent photographs and other teaching aids. Discussion of therapy has been extensively revised to reflect current practice in the United States. Original chapters on male infertility and proctology (two dermatologic domains in Germany) are not included in this book. They have been replaced by wholly new chapters on cutaneous surgery and tropical dermatology. We are grateful to Ronald G. Wheeland, M.D., for contributing the surgical chapter.